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From: Spectacled Bear <spectacled.bear@pobox.com>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Re: Digest whorl.v012.n042 (RTTW SPOILERS!)
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 09:32:33 +0000

At 10:32 2001-02-09 -0800, Shannon Appelcline wrote:
>Another point on narrative style:
>* The place in RTTW where I really started to wonder if Horn was Horn was 
>when he was speaking to Silk in Blood's mansion. It became blatantly 
>obvious that their styles of speech were very, very similar. That pedantic, 
>totally truthful style of speech that we've become so familiar with 
>throughout the Short Sun series.
>I'm wondering if this is intended as a real clue or if it's just how the 
>Vironese speak. We have four books that are good samples of Horn's writing 
>(though edited by Nettle). We also have samples of his speech in those 
>books, which we probably can presume are less edited. How does Horn's 
>speech in TBotLS compare with his speech in TBotSS?

No-one else from Viron talks like that, with the sole and interesting
exception of Hound. Does he just imitate Silk? He clearly knows of him.
Or am I imagining it?

Spectacled Bear.

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