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From: Dan Rabin <wolfe-lists@danrabin.com>
Subject: (whorl) Coincidences
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 22:11:54 

I agree with David Lebling that the coincidence of Jahlee being 
Krait's mother is a bit of a stretch.

I also find it a bit unsatisfying that Wolfe tends to revisit 
established locales. Was there any reason why the ship in _Return_ 
had to be the _Samru_?  I didn't notice any particular continuity in 
the character of the captain, nor any motivation for his later kind 
treatment of Severian.

In _Urth of the New Sun_, the boat that picks up Severian happens to be Eata's.

I also have a nit concerning Blood's mansion.  Wasn't it off the Old 
Palustria Road in _Long Sun_?  In _Return_, it's on the road from 
Viron that ends in Endroad.  Perhaps the road doesn't go all the way 
to Palustria any more?

   -- Dan Rabin

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