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From: Dan Schmidt <dfan@harmonixmusic.com>
Subject: Re: (whorl) [spoiler] Narrative technique in _Return_, and trilogity
Date: 08 Feb 2001 10:16:47 

Dan Rabin <wolfe-lists@danrabin.com> writes:

| This third volume in the series adopts yet another distinct set of
| techniques for interleaving two narrative time frames.
| In _Blue's_ we had the Gaon story interrupt the quest story,
| eventually dominating by the end of the volume.
| In _Green's_ we're mostly in the Blanko story, with the continuation
| of the quest in flashbacks and the stories in the story-telling game.
| In _Return_, we pretty much get a chapter-by-chapter alternation
| between the homeward-bound story and the _Whorl_ story, told in very
| different styles.

I particularly liked how each title referred both to the past and the

In ON BLUE'S WATERS, Horn's narrating his original adventures on Blue,
and what's happening now that he's returned there.

In IN GREEN'S JUNGLES, he narrates his original adventures on Green,
and visits there again via 'astral projection'.

In RETURN TO THE WHORL, he narrates his first return to the whorl, and
then returns to the whorl again as the book closes.


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