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From: Adam Stephanides <adamsteph@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Divine Silk and Pas - Perhaps spoiler?
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 23:33:43 +0000

on 2/8/01 12:01 AM, Jonathan Dale at jdale@fla.fujitsu.com wrote:

> 1. When Horn/Silk meets and talks to Pig the first time aboard the Whorl,
> there is a passage where the Divine Silk reveals himself in Pig. For a
> moment Horn (I guess since he's newly transferred into Silk's body) is
> overcome because he recognises the voice of the Patera. I guess that I was
> a little confused by this because the Divine Silk sounds exactly like the
> real Silk; what I can infer from this is that the Divine Silk possessed the
> real Silk at some point during the Long Sun series and that is why they
> share the same characteristics? Would people agree on this or am I missing
> something?

> 2. Perhaps this is related to the first question, but who is Passilk? My
> two inferences are: a) either Pas and the Divine Silk are the same and Pas
> has been directing things for some time through the real Silk, or b) Pas
> and Silk are two gods of mainframe

IIRC, at one point in TBOTLS Kypris (or somebody) offers to upload Silk into
Mainframe, where he would become a god and be linked somehow to Pas (I
forget the details).  Evidently Silk either took her up on the offer, or was
uploaded against his will.  This happened after Horn left, which is why he
has never heard of the Divine Silk.

> 5. Given the nature of the inhumi/human symbiosis secret, I was unclear on
> the exact specifics of how children were created; in one part of RTTW, the
> process of inhumi mating is clearly explained and somewhere in IGJ Fava
> explains about breaking out of the egg, etc., but I was unclear from where
> the mind was drawn. Is it that a primal inhumi takes on the mind from the
> first victim (which would explain Krait and Sinew) or is it more related to
> who the parents were?

The child's mind comes from one of the parent's victims; see p. 316.


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