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From: "Kevin J. Maroney" <kmaroney@ungames.com>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Cover of Whorl
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 17:11:32 

At 04:48 PM 12/14/00 -0500, Paul D wrote:
>I don't think its supposed to look like Wolfe. Is there any reason it
>couldn't be the Mother? It could be vaguely feminine...

It isn't. As I said, the character on the cover of _Whorl_ did not appear
in _Blue_ or _Green_, or in any other Wolfe work that I'm aware of. (I
believe. There might have been a mention that I've forgotten. But I
wouldn't have forgotten the Mother.)

I realize that speculation is fun, but this is a dead end. 

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