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From: shannon wilde <swilde_99@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) during our wait for RTTW
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 10:55:37 

Like Mr. Lebling aka Vizcacha, I also ordered the
_Dying Earth_ omnibus.  The pleasure of these tales
remains undimmed though I first discovered them while
considerably shorter.  But a spaceship?  Heehee,
hopefully it will lead more people to sample its
riches than the  magical spacecastle or something too
fantasyesque.  Someone has probably already brought
this up, but there is a truly neato (and a bit
Wolfean) webpuzzle out there called _Planetarium_ at
www.beholder.com (I think that's right-might be
co.uk).  I think it will appeal to most denizens of
this list, since it involves surreal plot convolutions
and imagery, plus a bonanza of embedded and entwined
word and logic puzzles-whoopee!  Best of all, it comes
in 12 weekly installments, so by the time you're
through, RTTW should be around.  I surely have high
hopes for RTTW...the Short Sun series, while
undisputably the work of a master, has so far given me
brain cramps, as well as leaving me emotionally
chilly.  Well, I suppose Wolfe had been spoiling me. 
I do love the series, but it's a different sort of
love.  BTW, I just read _The Gift_ by Patrick O'Leary,
and then promptly reread it.  Wow.  Thank you, sir.

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