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From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" <ddanehy@siebel.com>
Subject: RE: (whorl) OBW: Horn and Silk
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 12:37:17 

Rostrum a ecrit:

> I'd appreciate if responses avoided spoilers for IGJ.  
> If applicable, you could just say, "IGJ contradicts your theory."
> I think this is the best book Wolfe has written.  

IGJ contradicts your theory 8*)

> There is much left unanswered and more to Horn's story, but we do have
> Horn making a pact with the Neighbors, arriving at Pajaracu, flying away
> on the lander, liberating it from the inhumi with Sinew, being reconciled
> with Krait as he dies fighting to save Horn, saving Gaon, and escaping to
> rejoin his family.  That's a lot more than we could say at the end of
> Shadow or Nightside.

Here I want to disagree strenuously. 

By the end of _Shadow_, Severian has told us at least twice that he is 
become Autarch; drowned and been resurrected; been exiled for his crime 
against the guild; received his two talismans, the Claw and Terminus Est; 
met most of the Book's major characters, including (in no special order)
Dorcas, Agia, Vodalus, Thecla, Thea, Dr. Talos, Baldanders, the Autarch, 
Jolenta, the aquastors, and the bride of Abaia; raised at least one person 
from the dead, fought a duel, died and been raised again himself; made 
love to his own grandmaw; and exercised his Art.

_Nightside_ is a bit slower, but I think a longish list of major
developments could be made -- just not by me today.

> I had seen bits of discussion on the list about Horn being in Silk's
> body, or subsuming some part of Silk into himself before reading the
> book, but even with that possiblity in my head as I read, I didn't
> think that was right.

IGJ probably contradicts your theory, but this is Wolfe, so
who can say for certain? But there is strong evidence. I'll
shut up about that now.

> I'll start at the end.  Horn says he's not ashamed of what
> he's accomplished:  "I have snatched the ball and won the game." 
> What a wonderful line.  [...] surely Horn is speaking
> metaphorically [...]

_If_ you should prove to be right about Horn and Silk, your
interpretation would be brilliant. As it is, even if you are
wrong, your interpretation is still quite valid: there is no 
need to limit the remark to one meaning or the other. Horn can
be Silk (in some sense) and _still_ have the metaphor in mind

Nice call.

> I'll be reading IGJ soon, so I'll be able to catch up with the
> rest of the discussion.  I'll be happy if it's half as good as
> OBW!

You will be ecstatic.


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