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From: "Jonathan Laidlow" <LAIDLOJM@hhs.bham.ac.uk>
Subject: (whorl) Preorder Return to  the Whorl in the UK
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 12:51:12 GMT

Hello all,

Drawing myself from the slough of despond I finally purchased 'In 
Green's Jungles' last week. Started it at the weekend, after a skim 
read of 'On Blue's Waters' turned into a full-blown reread, and I am 
in awe.

Return to the Whorl is now available to preorder for us UK residents 
from Amazon.co.uk and Bookshop.co.uk. Amazon  UK have been 
sending out 3 pound sterling gift certificates for account holders. 
You all know what you should do with them.

that is all.

be seeing you

Jonathan Laidlow
Editor, Ultan's Library
An electronic journal for the study of Gene Wolfe
email: J.M.Laidlow@bham.ac.uk

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