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From: Michael Purdy <mcp@jhu.edu>
Subject: (whorl) White Gold and ghosts
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 11:02:17 

Hi folks,

	I'll join the delurking trend.
	I had two notes that I wanted to respond to.  First, to Alex's comments
about similarities between OBW and Thomas Covenant:  Covenant didn't get
his ring from Lena, the girl he raped.  He came into the Land wearing the
white gold, which was his wedding ring (which he still wore, even though he
was divorced).  Sorry to hear you didn't like the Covenant books--I did,
although I haven't reread them anywhere near as much as I've reread Wolfe.
	Second, on the "ghost in the middle of a novel" remark from Wolfe--this
makes me think of the narrator of Peace, who, unless I'm misremembering, is
revealed as a ghost at the end of the book.  Can't remember his name,
though, and don't have my copy of Peace handy.  Although no one would dare
to call Peace SF.  Hmm...have to give this some more thought.

Michael Purdy

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