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From: Endymion9@aol.com
Subject: re: (whorl) stuff
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 16:21:05 EST

"Joshua A. Solomon" <j.solomon@ucl.ac.uk>
<<Finally, what made Horn act like a bastard on p. 286, or was>>
<<he just pretending? (In that case, why was he pretending?)>>

Are you referring to his lopping the heads off of the men who collected tax 
and kept part of it for themselves?  As a ruler, what would you have done?  
Slapped their wrists?  That would have encouraged others to do the same and 
the city would have lost all or most of their operating funds.  Sometimes 
being a leader means making the hard choices.

Do you think we and Horn have seen the last of Seawrack or do you expect her 
to make an appearance in the next two books?  She was a very interesting 
character that I confess I don't totally understand.  I hope her mystery will 
be revealed later.  Horn warned she could be a grave danger that "the mother" 
has sent among the landbound people.

Also, do you think that Mucor possessed Babbie most of the journey?  Or was 
she there in disembodied spirit.  I thought the main reason she sent Babbie 
was to have a psychic connection to Horn and keep track of him.

Interesting thought, shriving the inhumi.  Would inhumi understand shriving 
or merely mimic men doing it?  I still don't understand why Krait couldn't 
mimic the use of the gun and thus fire it.  


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