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From: "Alice Turner" <akt@attglobal.net>
Subject: (whorl) Language, etc.
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 21:08:03 

Wow, we're going at warp speed here, aren't we? It's the first time we've
ever been able to race along together, and I must say it's a thrill.

Anyway, I want to back up "Dorp" as Dutch/Africans (sp?) and Wijzer probably
too. Also, Chota definitely does mean "small" in Hindi--you may remember
from your Kipling that a "chota peg" was a small whiskey--and I think we can
trust the other terms (I remind you that I lived in Bombay for a while, but
I never got beyond pidgin so can't be defiite).


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