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From: Michael Andre-Driussi <mantis@sirius.com>
Subject: (whorl) BLUE spoilers
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 14:24:18 

Wombat had the subjective time for the flight of the Whorl but wanted to
know what the objective time was.

Subjective time: 332 years, exactly.
Objective time: 1000 years, roughly (III, 242).

This ratio (332:1000) makes it look like a velocity of around 95% c.  And
the target star would seem to be over 900 light years from Urth.

Jim Jordan (howdie, stranger!) wondered where Horn might have been infused
with Silkiness in OBW.

Seems to me the most likely spot would be that =pit= where he =died=!
Remember how we all went over the weird details of Silk dying in that pit
and/or cave-in, then being "found" (revived? resurrected?) by an inhumi
(Q)?  The same thing happens here, with many of the same odd details, but
all sorts of new complications.

And iirc it is after the pit-death thing that Horn kills the animal that
the others are so impressed by (that is, he might be enhanced at that

(Of course, how a hypothetical, blood-borne Silk virus could have gotten
from Q to our new vampire friend is a very puzzling exercise.)

Jim Jordan was wondering about the "timer" going off, to signal landing.
Right, that would appear to be the end of Pas's Planned Time (II, 235)
which was about 100 years before the events in TBOTLS.  If true, then the
Whorl had been orbiting the Short Sun for 100 years.  And then it seems
like Pas was killed because the other gods didn't want to break up their
cozy little whorl.

(To return to the Wombat section above:) If the Whorl arrived in the target
system on time, 100 years ago, then . . .

Subjective flight time: 232 years
Objective flight time:  900 years

Which is a tad faster than the other model, but still under 99% c.


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