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From: "Alice Turner" <akt@attglobal.net>
Subject: (whorl) Secrets & Lies
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 19:01:12 

Krait's secret first turns up on p 295 and it is indeed what Horn/Silk
threatens the revived inhumi with. Check bottom of p 310: "On Green I
learned the secret the inhumi wish nobody to know...I can threaten them as
well as save them." And again on p 315 when, to the inhuma, "I explained
what I had learned from Krait on Green."

But how in the hell did he know that the buried inhumi were alive? Or is the
secret just that and that he would tell all of Blue to burn them or shoot
them or whatever---nah, too simple.

Okay, here's something new. Horn calls Krait a liar, p 305, and I'm sure he
is, but in small ways, a tease really, a mischief-maker, but I don't think
he is a real liar with malevolent intent. What do you make of Krait's saying
that Seawrack "lies constantly" p 307? I think it's something to watch out
for, as in Hy's case. We've all been agreeing that she is a human woman
altered by the Mother, and Krait (whom I would trust here) says she is, also
307. Well, hmm. Do you think she knew what that ring was and that it would
lead Horn to the Neighbors? I do. So whose scenario was she following? And
what side is she on in that case? Horn says that Krait wants her on board
the lander--wonder why. She already suspects his nature, p 329.

What I really like about the "double" writing is that, although Horn is
writing about what has already happened, for the most part, he is also
having things happen to him as we go along---so the ending is not by any
means already decided.

Oh, btw the leatherskin has six legs, not eight, and three jaws. I have
trouble with the three jaws--the best I can come up with is a Big Mac or
club sandwich, with the jaws being the pieces of bread or bun.


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