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From: Dan Schmidt <dfan@harmonixmusic.com>
Subject: (whorl) A few things
Date: 04 Oct 1999 09:36:40 

Eeeagh, this is the first time I've been stuck in the middle of a
multi-year Wolfe story (I didn't discover him until this summer, and
have been plowing through all the Sun books), and it's frustrating!

1. I do like the double story.  The combination of Horn being able to
   tell his past story fairly omnisciently, while the present story is
   very up in the air, works very well.  I imagine the series will
   continue the same way, so that in effect we read parts 1 and 4,
   then 2 and 5, then 3 and 6, of the whole story.  Neat.  What are
   the odds that the subsequent books will be written by someone other
   than Horn?  The possibility didn't occur to me until just now.

2. I really wanted Blue to be Urth/Ushas, just because it would be So
   Neat (I figure the 300 years isn't really a problem, because of
   relativistic effects blah blah, and yeah, the Moon would have to be
   knocked out to a planetary orbit, but these things happen).  So I
   read the whole book looking for connections, but couldn't find any,
   unless Seawrack's "Mother" is one of the sea monsters from New Sun.

3. What's with the double limbs of all native Bluians?  Unless I
   misread (I haven't gone back to check), I saw

   - Hus have eight legs;
   - The Neighbors have four legs and four arms (this is mentioned in
     passing, as if it were't astonishing at all);
   - Elephants have eight legs.

   Any significance?

Dan Schmidt | http://www2.thecia.net/users/dfan/

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