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From: Patri10629@aol.com
Subject: (whorl) Wolfe News--from the Horse's Mouth
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:53:36 EDT

Dear Lupes,

Happy to report that Gene is well and writing. My wife and I had dinner with 
him and Rosemary June 8. And received permission to inform you all--this much:

Of course you know ON BLUE'S WATERS is due in September. The second Short Sun 
Book has been turned in--("IN GREEN'S JUNGLE" Correct Title?)--though not yet 
"bought" by TOR. Gene seems habitually modest/anxious about his work's 
chances of acceptance--can't imagine why. It's a touching trait, though. 

The third book "RETURN TO THE WHORL" has been with his agent and copyeditor 
for two months. He's waiting for their comments/corrections. Once received, 
he'll fix and send MS. off to TOR. This means the trilogy is All But done. 
And, barring any major revisions requested by his editor David G. Hartwell 
(unlikely), The Work is in the pipeline. 

And there was much rejoicing.

Amusing sidenote re: the short sun books: Gene said more or less, "I finally 
managed to write a trilogy! Having botched it with the New and Long Sun 

Regret that I pressed him very little on his feelings about the Short Sun 
books. I was too busy examining the Inner Sanctum--his home. Where he writes: 
in the basement on a fancy typewriter with one of those screens that let you 
read the last 10 lines you've written. On a long table stacked 2 feet high 
with books and notes and manuscripts. The low ceiling is plastered with 
posters--book covers--his--convention posters, stuff. Books everywhere. A 
tower of manuscripts five feet tall. Awards and memorabilia displayed proudly 
in the living room. where hangs a lovely painting of Severian and Father 
Inire (stepping through a secret door)--A gift from an Austrailian 
artist/fan. The portrait of Severian very close, Gene said, to how he 
imagined him. Affectionately assaulted by their 2 dogs--Dilly and Calamity 

Breaking News: What He's Writing Now...

Gene said he was working on a fantasy novel about Knights. (sic)  Lots of 
battles: clashing swords and clanging armor. (sic) He said he was inspired by 
his seven year old nephew (Now Ten). He confessed, "It's not very good. But I 
don't care. I'm having a great time."

Oh Lupes, it was Swell.

Patrick O'Leary

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