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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Names, animals, and meanings list
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 10:00:06 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

This is the list and index of all characters appearing in the Long Sun
books have been talked about in this series of letters.  Vironese
biochemical males have the names of animals or animal products. 
Vironese biochemical females have the names of plants or plant
products, with fungi being included into their definition of plants. 
Vironese chemical people are named after metals or minerals.  Names of
animals and of people from other places both in and out of the Whorl
do not conform to these patterns.

Many of the Vironese names are animals or plants from the Americas,
particularly South America.  The names of the chems are usually metals
or minerals that are easily breakable, or came about as the result of
the decay of other metals or minerals.

The characters are arranged in alphabetical order.  Their nationality,
physical composition, and sex appear in that order after their name in
abbreviated form.  For example, Abanja is a Trivigaunti biochemical
female (TBF).  Characters with no recognized nationalities appear
without any information given for that category. Characters who
formerly possessed a sex but no longer possess it are listed with the
sex they previously had. For example, Abanja is a Trivigaunti
biochemical female.  The abbreviations are as follows:


P-Pre-Whorl (Urth and others that made the Whorl)

Compositions (species):

A-Biochemical animal
B-Biochemical human
D-Digital program
R-Religious or mythological figure



Abanja.  TBF

Addax.  VBM

Aer.  MBF

Ah Lah.  RM (god)

Aloe.  VBF

A-man.  RM (human)

Aquifolia.  VBF

Aquila.  AM (eagle)

Arolla.  VBF

Asphodella.  VBF

Aster.  VBF

Auk.  VBM

Babirousa.  VBM

Bass.  VBM

Bellflower.  VBF

Betel.  VBF

Bison.  VBM

Bittersweet.  VBU

Blood.  VBM

Bluebell.  VBF

Bongo.  AM (baboon)

Bream.  VBM

Brocket.  VBM

Bull.  VBM

Bustard.  VBM

Cassava.  VBF

Cat.  VBM

Catamitus.  PBM

Catamitus.  DM

Cavy.  VBM

Chamomile.  VBF

Chenille.  VBF

Chervil.  VBF

Chiquito.  AM (parrot)

Civet.  VBM

Cobra, the.  RM (cobra)

Coypu.  VBM

Crane.  see Sigada

Crassula.  VBF

Dace.  VBM

Dahlia.  VBF

Desmid.  VBU

Dreoilin.  MBF

Echidna.  PBF

Echidna.  DF

Eft.  VBM

Eland.  VBM

Elodia.  VBF

Ermine.  VBM

Erne.  VBM

Feather.  VBM

Feeler.  VBM

Feist.  VBM

Femur.  VBM

Fulmar.  VBM

Galago.  VBM

Galago.  VCM

Gaur.  VBM

Gayfeather.  VBF

Gecko.  VBM

Gelada.  VBM

Gib.  VBM

Ginger.  VBF

Goldcrest.  VBM

Goral.  VBM

Grian.  MBM

Grison.  VBM

Guan.  VBM

Gulo.  VBM

Hadale.  TBF

Hammerstone.  VCM

Hare.  VBM

Hart.  VBM

Hide.  BBM

Hierax.  PBM

Hierax.  DM

Hierax.  AM (eagle)

Holly.  VBF

Hoof.  BBM

Horn.  VBM

Hossaan.  TBM (see also Willet)

Hyacinth.  VBF

Hyrax.  VBM

Incus.  VBM

Iolar.  MBM

Jerboa.  VBM

Kalan.  VBM

Kerria.  VBM

Kingcup.  VBF

Kit.  VBM

Kypris.  PBF

Kypris.  DF

Lemur.  VBM

Lemur.  VCM

Liana.  VBF

Lijam.  TBF

Lily.  VBF

Lime.  VBF

Linsang.  VBM

Lion.  AM (lynx)

Loach.  VBM

Loris.  VBM

Loris.  VCM

Macaque.  VBM

Magnesia.  VCF (see also Marble)

Mamelta.  PBF

Mandrill.  VBM

Maple.  VBF

Marble.  see Magnesia

Marl.  VCM

Marrow.  VBM

Marten.  VBM

Matar.  TBF

Mattak.  VBM

Mear.  MBM

Mockorange.  VBF

Molpe.  PBF

Molpe.  DF

Moly.  see Molybdenum

Molybdenum.  UBF (see also Moly)

Monitor(s).  DN

Moorgrass.  VBF

Moray.  VBM

Mucor.  BF

Murtagon.  VBF

Musk.  VBM

Nettle.  VBF

Newt.  VBM

Nizam.  TBF

Olive.  PBF

Oont.  VBM

Oosik.  VBM

Orchid.  VBF

Oreb.  RM (raven)

Oreb.  AM (night chough)

Orpine.  VBF

Outsider, the.  RM (god)

Paca.  VBM

Pas.  DM

Peeper.  VBM

Petel.  see Titi

Phaea.  PBF

Phaea.  DF

Pike.  VBM

Poppy.  VBF

Pork.  VBM

Potto.  VBM

Potto.  VCM

Potto.  VCM

Quetzal.  GIM

Ratel.  VBF

Remora.  VBM

Rimah.  TBF

Rook.  VBM

Rose.  VBF

Saba.  TBF

Sand.  VCM

Sard.  VBM

Scale.  VBM

Schist.  VCM

Sciathan.  MBM

Scleroderma.  VBF

Scup.  VBM

Scylla.  PBF

Scylla.  DF

Serval.  VBM

Sewellel.  VBM

Shale.  VCM

Shell.  VBM

Shrike.  VBM

Sigada.  TBM (see also Crane)

Silah.  TBF

Silk.  VBM

Simuliid.  VBM (possibly there is also a VCM Simuliid)

Simuliid.  VCM (possibly this character doesn't exist)

Sinew.  BBM

Sirka.  TBF

Siyuf.  TBF

Siyuf.  VCF

Skate.  VBM

Skin.  VBM

Skink.  VBM

Slate.  VCM

Sphigx.  PBF

Sphigx.  DF

Spider.  VBM

Sumaire.  UUM (possibly a GIM, but appears as MBM)

Swallow.  VBM

Talus (#1+).  TN

Tarsier.  VBM

Tarsier.  VCM

Tartaros.  PBM

Tartaros.  DM

Teasel.  VBF

Thelxiepeia.  PBF

Thelxiepeia.  DF

Thetis.  PBF

Thetis.  DF

Thyone.  PBF

Thyone.  DF

Tick.  AM (catachrest)

Tiger.  VBM

Titi.  VBM (see also Petel)

Trematode.  VBM

Trotter.  VBM

Tussah.  VBM

Typhon.  PBM

Urus.  VBM

Villus.  VBM

Violet.  VBF

Vulpes.  VBM

Willet.  see Hossaan

Wo-man.  RF (human)

Wood.  VBF

Wool.  VBM

Xiphias.  VBM

Yapok.  VBM

Zoril.  VBM

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