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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Names, animals and meanings (O)
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 22:55:59 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

Olive.  Any plant of genus Olea, especially Olea europaea.  Produce
olives.  Also a first name.  A sleeper.

Oont.  From Hindi uut, from Sanskrit ustra.  A camel (Camelus ferus). 
Oont is a porter.  A camel is used to carry things.

Oosik.  Someone else previously found out that oosik is an Inuit
(Eskimo) dialect word for the penis bone of the walrus.  My Inuit
dictionary (of a different dialect) lists Oosh'ook as penis. 
Generalissimo of Viron.  Father of Mattak (Whale Meat).  Name may have
to do with his relationship with Hyacinth.

Orchid.  Any plant of family Ochidaceae.  Flowers that are expensive
and showy.  Also a color (light purple). Madame of brothel on Lamp
Street.  Mother of Orpine.

Oreb.  Hebrew for raven.  A chough is any species of genus Pyrrhocorax
(red raven).  Related to crows.  Have black feathers and red legs. 
Night chough Silk buys to sacrifice, but doesn't.

Orpine.  Sedum telephium.  A plant with red-purple flowers formerly
used as folk medicine.  Orchid's daughter.  Possessed by Mucor and
killed by Chenille. Called Pine.  Sounds like Orchid, her mother. 
Also may suggest orphan, which is the way she lived for a time.

Outsider, the.  God of the downtrodden.  Apparently the Whorl's name
for God.  Not known or worshipped much, because most records are
changed or gone.

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