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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Names, animals and meanings (M)
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 22:07:42 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

Macaque.  Any species of genus Macaca.  Monkeys that usually have
short tails and long feet.  Boy at the palaestra.

Magnesia.  Any one of several forms of magnesium oxide. Marble's real

Mamelta.  Name of a martyred Christian Persian saint who died in 344. 
Wolfe says that if it is of Greek origin (which is possible), it
probably means not careless, but he doesn't know the origin for sure. 
I'm fairly sure it isn't Greek, because its older form is Mamelchtha,
which doesn't look Greek at all.  She's the saint of October fifth on
the Catholic calendar.   A sleeper from Urth awakened by being
possessed by Mucor. Apparently dead.

Mandrill.  Any species of genus Mandrillus, especially the mandrill
(Mandrillus sphinx).  Maned, short-tailed monkeys.  Hairless faces. 
Have several hairless areas they use for various kinds of displays. 
Gelada's cousin.  Mandrills are related closely to geladas.

Maple.  Any one of many trees or shrubs of genus Acer. Young Maytera
on Brick Street.

Marble.  From Greek marmaros (marble, rock), from marainein (to decay,
waste away).  A white limestone that is usually mixed with other
colors in various ways.  Also balls made of or resembling marble and
the game played with them.  Maytera Marble is an old chem at Silk's
palaestra.  She was activated on Urth.  Repaired self with parts that
Rose had used and mixed her personality with hers.  Part of the
meaning of her name probably is related to the fact that the word
comes from the Greek word to decay, because Marble is in a fairly bad
state.  Like marble, she is mixed with other colors besides the
original, some of which obscure the white (truth).  Also, she's lost
her marbles.

Marl.  A loose or crumbling deposit of mostly calcium carbonate or
dolomite.  Also a deposit of broken shells.  Also just clay or earth. 
Also a form of the word marble.  Also a slender grey-brown bandicoot
(Perameles myosura).  Also Ardisia paniculata, a shrub or small tree
with dark berries (marlberries).  Old chemical person who serves
Fulmar, possibly because of reprogramming.

Marmot.  Any species of genus Marmota, including Marmota monax, the
woodchuck (groundhog).  Woodchucks are fast-growing, belligerent, and
wary.  Man who joins Mint's forces.

Marrow.  Red and yellow marrow are soft tissues in bones.  Yellow
marrow is mostly fat, red is mainly red-blood-cell producing tissue. 
Also an old word for the best portion of food.  Greengrocer.  Becomes
a leader of the Blue colonists.

Matar.  A Trivigaunti pterotrooper.

Mattak.  As stated by someone earlier on this list, Mattak is a word
in a dialect of Inuit (Eskimo) for dried whale meat.  In my Inuit
dictionary (of a different dialect), whale meat or whale skin is
listed as Muk'tuk.  Soldier.  Oosik's son.  Fed on by Quetzal.

Mear.  Irish for quick, fast, nimble, lively, spirited, rash,
quick-tempered, crazy, mad, furious, angry, digit, finger.  Flyer
killed by the Trivigauntis.

Mockorange.  A shrub of genus Philadelphus.  Sibyl from Sun Street. 
Now dead.

Molpe.  Greek for song.  In Greek mythology the name of one of the
Seirenes (Sirens).  The Seirenes' parentage was attributed to many
figures by various sources.  Usually they are said to be the daughter
of one of the Mousai (Muses) and either Phorcys or Acheloos.  Their
song supposedly killed by causing passing sailors to stay on their
island listening forever, to fall overboard, or to crash on the rocks.
 A major goddess, one of the Nine and of the Seven.  Goddess of music,
dancing, art, air, the wind, and light things.  Associated with the
second day of the week and with songbirds and butterflies.  Supposed
child of Pas and Echidna.  A dancer and musician who had fits of

Molybdenum.  Also called moly.  A metallic element.  Silvery white. 
Used in metabolism of plants and animals.  Hammerstone's old
sweetheart.  Called Moly for short.  Moly was a mythical herb that
Odysseus used to counter Circe's magic.  It is also a garlic with
yellow flowers (Allium moly).

Moorgrass.  One of several different kinds of grass.  Heath grass
(Sieglingia decumbens).  Flying bent (Molinia coerulea).  Eriophorum
angustifolium.  All of these are grasses found on moors.  Woman who
began to prepare Quetzal's body for burial.  I wonder if this has to
do with her name being a form of the grass called flying bent?

Moray.  The moray eel.  Any species of family Muraenidae.  Tongueless,
long, thin, snake-like fish with sharp teeth.  This family contains
many brightly-colored species.  Patera murdered by Eft.

Mucor.  Latin for mold.  A genus of the family Mucoraceae or any
species of that genus.  Mucors have spore cases that are found in many
different areas of their bodies.  These cases are round and usually
cylindrical or pear-shaped.  Adopted daughter of Blood.  He bought her
as a frozen embryo, which he had Crane insert into a woman. She
apparently has psychic abilities and can mentally leave her body and
possess others.

Murtagon.  All I could find fitting this is martagon, also called the
red-cap lily, turk's-cap lily, and the turk's cap (Lilium martagon or
Lilium superbum).  Murtagon is a famous artist.  The red cap reminds
me of the stereotypical artist's beret.

Musk.  A strong-smelling bodily substance obtained from a variety of
animals.  Used in perfume and associated with sexuality.  Also a name
for the grape hyacinth.  Blood's second-in-command, a sadistic killer.
 Has several unusual sexual habits.

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