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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Names, animals and meanings (L)
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 16:27:37 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

Lemur.  Latin for ghost, spirit.  The lemur was given this name
because it is nocturnal.  The animal is any species of family
Lemuridae, especially the members of the genus Lemur.  The look like a
cross between a monkey and a mouse or cat.  They live mostly in trees,
are agile climbers, and have long tails.  They also have very large
eyes.  In many species the females are dominant.  Secretary of the
Ayuntamiento.  Lemur is dead, the chemical person he programmed with
his personality is fulfilling his duties and plans.  This chem is like
the Latin lemur because it's his spirit, his ghost because he's dead. 
It glows in the dark and does supernatural things.  The lemur is one
of the least-advanced primates, so this is not complementary to Lemur.
 Though lemur females are dominant, Lemur seems to have no respect for
females at all.

Liana.  Also liane.  A climbing plant.  A soldier for Mint.

Lijam.  Trivigaunte's Minister of War.

Lily.  Any species of genus Lilium.  Leafy herbs.  Beautiful,
unscented flowers.  Also slang for true.  Auk's dead mother.

Lime.  Citrus aurantifolia.  A tropical tree with narrow oval leaves. 
Produces lime fruit, an acidic yellow-green citrus.  Also the name of
a shade of yellow.  Mint's lieutenant.

Linsang.  Any species in the Prionodon genus and related genera in the
family Viverridae (the civet family), especially the banded linsang
(Prionodon linsang).  Look like a cross between a cat and a weasel. 
Live often in trees.  Long, furry, banded tail.  Liana's sweetheart.

Lion.  Either the African lion (Panthera leo) or the mountain lion
(Felis concolor).  The lynx is Felis lynx.  The largest of Mucor's

Loris.  Any member of the family Lorisidae, especially those of the
genus Loris.  Slow, short-tailed, long-limbed tree dwellers. 
Nocturnal.  Member of the Ayuntamiento.  Related to Lemur, like the
animals are.

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