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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (whorl) Another tip of the hat
Date: Sat, 16 May 98 00:05:00 GMT


Yay!  Stuff looks =great=!  "Scrape out" and "Sweatin' ken,"

Re: "Card in a cart," this is used in regard to Orchid's proposal for
Silk to have recreational sex "on the house" (er, free of charge):

"We're closed Hieraxday, so not then either.  But come in any other
day and I'll give you a pass.  How's that? . . . You know what I
mean, right, Patera?  Not me [whom you will dally with].  I mean with
any of the girls, whoever you want.  If you'd like to give her a
little something for herself, that's all right.  But you don't have
to, and there won't be anything [paid] to the house."  Orchid
considered again.  "Well, a card in a cart, huh?  All right, that's a
lay [i.e., a shag <g>] a month for a year."

So maybe all she is saying is that the total value of the gift is one
card?  "A card in a cart" being a fragment of some whorlish phrase
like "A card in a cart is worth two in a bush" (if you know what I
mean and I think you do, nudge-nudge, wink-wink)?

Re: Dimberdamber nanny nipper.  Okay!  "Adroit coat-cutter thief"
looks very good, especially as a coat-cutter thief must be pretty
adroit to begin with.

Re: "Pure keg."  Agg!  The volume numbers are switched!  The two
citations should be (III, 115.7) and (II, 213.3).

"All right, she [Scylla] said it [about looting the wealthy quarter]
and I believed it, and now I [Auk] got to let her know I'm the pure keg,
too" (II, 213.3).

In this case the sense seems to be "one who acknowleges the favor of
another with a favor in kind."

Bustard speaking in Auk's mind: "Give me the pure keg, sprat.  You
want me to winnow you out?  If I'm going to help, I got to know"
(III, 115.7).

In this case the sense seems to be "the absolute truth."

Brain good!


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