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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (whorl) Canticon
Date: Tue,  1 Jul 97 00:44:00 GMT

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Re: Cant, as a matter of fact, Talon compiled a list of cant terms
used in THE BOOK OF THE LONG SUN and I'm still working my way through
it using the OED, which so far has nearly all of them.  But I'm
always happy to take up an offer for help, so here's a few I haven't
been able to find in the OED:

beggar's root
hornbuss ["buss" most likely = "kiss"]
ice [pre-1969, USA]
iron (you're for ~)
jump (full of ~; he's ~ for religion)
kate ["lockpick"]
larger ["more importantly"]
lay [OED has ten pages devoted to "lay"; in Vironese cant it is used
in at least five ways, four of which I think I've found]
  --breakin' ~.
nanny nipper

Thanks in advance!


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