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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (whorl) tick talk, nessus nexu
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 97 21:51:00 GMT

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Is Chace the origin point for that wonderful piece that appears in
newspaper columns and folklore books from time to time: "Laddle Rat
Rotten Hut"?  Long time gone been a favorite of mine.

Re: Whorlography (or "deckplans of The Whorl"), I agree on the
variety drawn from Urth's smorgasbord by He Who Would Be King.  You
doubt that Trivs come from next door to Nessus on Urth, but I urge
you to recall the odd Turko-Persian allies (the Daughters of War, et
al.) fighting alongside Severian at the Third Battle of Orithyia . . .

Using a grid (perferably hexagonal) for plotting; knowing that Trivigaunte
is closest to Viron; having some notion of how distant Palustria is
(50+ leagues); knowing that Viron fought against Urbs . . . we can
put down all the named cities in a fairy ring around Viron, then
extrapolate this pattern of equidistance by the number of cities we
think there are (200) and the cylindrical nature of the Whorl to get a new
ballpark figure on how large the Whorl living surface is.

Re: Mamelta's citizenship.  Well she might not be Vironese in the
sense of "contributing to the tax base of Viron" <g>, but she does live
in the Vironese underground mine of ancestors/descendents.  As for
her name, note that fellow tube-babe has the name "Olive."  (But
sure, you know how desperate I am for any sort of answer--my "feminine
form of Mameluke" is a pretty wild shot.)


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