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From: StoneOx17@aol.com
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 09:09:55 EST
Subject: (urth) DOORS: some questions and thoughts

I'm rereading "There are Doors" again, and am around a third of the way
through.  Here are some questions and comments.

Did Lara really turn winter into summer? (p 26, Tor mass market edition;
around 4 pages into chapter 4.)   Or did they walk through a "door into
summer"?  How is this connected with her mythological aspect as the 
Goddess?  How does the flow of time run in the two worlds anyway?
As Goddess, is Lara bound by it?

The hero's last name is Green (although Wolfe always refer to him as
"he".  Do we ever learn his first name?

There are quite a few asides about Green's mother, some rather
intriguing ("Surely his mother had taught him a spell for salamanders.")
I pretty much ignored them in my prenious readings, but I suspect 
there's an important reason for them.  This time, I'll try to pay more 

There seem to be some references to "Peace."  Am I reading too 
much into things?  Here they are:

"... wondering if he was not in fact dead.  He remembered hearing 
about Purgatory as a child; even then he had not believed it, but 
perhaps he had been wrong ..." (p. 111)

"He felt that he himself was only a ghost, riding a ghostly elevator in
a phantom hotel, that this building had fallen to the wrecking ball long
ago ..." (p. 114)

Are there any references to other Wolfe books?

--Stone Ox


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