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From: "Alice K. Turner" 
Subject: Re: (urth) The Burden of Proof
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 22:07:05 -0500

Teflon challenged:

> In any case, making Marc out to be a naive dupe for somehow not realizing
> Wolfe was pulling his leg as this and previous threads have seems
> and disingenuous---if you think Green CANNOT be Ushas, prove it.

Ordinarily I never get involved when the argument gets technical, but this
one seems so obvious that I'll stick my neck out. With the coming of the New
Sun came the end of an worldwide ice age. When the ice melted, the seas rose
to cover vast tracts of land. Certainly they would have subsided a bit, but
only a bit--this isn't like a biblical or other flood but a permanent
change. From space ours is a blue planet, not green. Ushas would be a blue
planet too, harking back to pre-Urth Earth. Though I don't for a moment
think it is Blue.

I doubt that this conjecture would ever have come up if GW hadn't, merely as
a sci-fi frill for he never makes use of it, hadn't made Lune green.

-alga (who is green)


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