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From: "ArchD'Ikon Zibethicus" 
Subject: (urth) Doubled Neighbours
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 09:49:00 +0000


>Maybe I'm just stating the obvious here, but the "doubled" people
>seem right out of Aristophanes speech in the _Symposium_.

Funny; haven't been around Urth much the last couple of days, but this 
possiblity was nagging at me this very morning...the text states, however, 
that the Platonic people were _round_ and _double-faced_, but I guess that 
it's a serviceable analogy if you drop those details...and why not?



Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to 
others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you 
had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.

- Lewis Carroll

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.

- Democritos

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