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From: "Don Doggett" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Blue still ain't Ushas
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 20:25:18 -0800

 >When Silkhorn went to
> ruined Nessus with Rigoglio and others, he spoke to Mora:
> ------------------------------------
>     "I was trapped in a pit in a ruined city of the Vanished People once,"
> remarked to Mora. "Have I ever told you about that?"
>     She shook her head.
>     "I've been thinking about it, and about the City of the Inhumi on
> Those were ruins left by the Neighbors' ancient race; these were left by
> ours, I believe--we are as ancient as they, or nearly." (IGJ, 315)
> -------------------------------------
> This means that humans and Neighbors are roughly of equal antiquity, and
> implies that the Neighbors' race may even be *older* than humankind.
> Elsewhere it is stated that humans and Neighbors were molded by the
> from different soils. If the text means anything to this argument, then
> above quote is a dagger in the Blushas theory.
> -Roy

Don replies:
Sorry Roy, but that dagger just don't cut for me.  Silk's opinions on the
origin or age of the Neighbor's are just as likely to be wrong as right.
He's an unreliable narrator.  And as for the Quetzal as a late arrival on
the Whorl, what exactly does that mean?  The Chems were the original beings
on the Whorl, so he could be a late arrival after them, or he could be the
last being on the Whorl after everyone else but before it left the Urth
system.  It is not the killer it seems to be.

On another note, I have decided on a Vironese name for myself.  It should
have been obvious to me.  In honor of my favorite literary character, you
may or may not address me as



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