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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 15:51:21 -0600
From: James Jordan 
Subject: Re: (urth) Jack Vance or There are Doors?

At 02:35 PM 12/20/2002, you wrote:
>I am awaiting delivery of my copy of the 44 volume Vance Integral Edition,
>which (so it is said) should start arriving in February sometime.
         Me, too.

> > I am a big fan of Jack Vance, but I feel it is only fair to warn you that
> > if you are expecting the same intellectual work out that Wolfe gives you,
> > you will be disappointed.
>This has not been my experience at all.

         Yes. A different kind of intellectual work, but still profound and 
subtle -- very subtle.

> >                       But Vance is one of the better writers in SF; he
> > certainly has his own unmistakable voice.
>Vance is one of the great writers of the 20th century. Someday this will
>be recognized.

         Amen. Preach it, brother!

Patera Nutria



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