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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 08:25:42 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) Boy, I feel crappy.

As you may know, I have insisted that Mr. Wolfe told me the truth.  One member 
of the list, who obviously has e-mail access to Mr. Wolfe, made a bargain with 
me for some information he had if I shared Mr. Wolfe's statement with me.  I 
made the switch in confidence.  Then he assured me that Mr. Wolfe's statement 
was a joke.

Then, since I only communicate with Mr. Wolfe through the mail and have not 
yet received a response with permission to post the message, this list member 
e-mails me back and says that he has just confirmed with Mr. Wolfe that he was 
only joking, and that Mr. Wolfe thought I would see through the joke right 

The problem is, I don't think Mr. Wolfe got my letter yet asking permission to 
post it, and I don't know if the list member stressed that to Mr. Wolfe I 
wanted to maintain some level of discreteness while sharing Mr. Wolfe's 
statements.  I hope Mr. Wolfe isn't mad at me.

And to top it off, the information the list member swapped with me REALLY 

I don't think I should ever, ever post to this list again.  I should be happy 
in my old little world where I can't talk with other people who respect such a 
genius. :(

I still believe what Gene told me, because it is in his own hand on my 
Christmas card; it's not April.  And while I'm smart, I tend to believe what 
the author of a work tells me.  I've gotten a lot of criticism.  People say I 
tilt at windmills.  I'm not an ethicist - but this all seems so very wrong 

If you still want to know what Mr. Wolfe said, e-mail me personally and we'll 
talk about it.  He already knows I've posted something about it.  But he never 
told me not to say anything.  Did I go about everything the wrong way?  I'm 

Marc Aramini


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