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Subject: RE: (urth) Silk Out of Time?
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:35:01 -0700
From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" 

> Both seem reasonably compatible, if one looks at it from the=20
> perspective that "sequentiality" is a function of our
> perception of time - a limitation the Outsider does not
> share. Silk perceives it as sequential because his mind
> sorted things out that way, true, but then again Silk (and
> we) perceive normal events in the universe as sequential for
> the same reason.

H'mmm ... I occasionally make my brain hurt by trying to
understand this stuff, the idea of a Being with an eternal
nature becoming incarnate in-Time and the idea of creatures
with a temporal nature taken up into Eternity. How any of
this might actually "feel" I really do not know.

> In that sense, as far as Silk's impressions, the
> sequentiality of his enlightenment is just as "real" as
> the sequentiality of the real world.

Thank you; you remind me of my fundamental principle of=20
"binocular vision," attempting to understand such things
simultaneously from the eternal and temporal points-of-view
... a way of understanding which offers insight not only=20
for religious purposes, but also for grokking some of the
implications of modern physics.

> Is that quote Silk speaking to Dr. Crane in response to his=20
> theory about Silk's enlightenment?

... noooo ... It's about seven decades older than that, and
not Lupine a-tall, though a writer I suspect Wolfe of in all
probability enjoying.



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