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From: "Alice K. Turner" 
Subject: Re: (urth) For alga
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 22:43:44 -0500

> Today Florida and Louisiana, tomorrow New York. Beware, alga!
> Giant rats roam Florida
> TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- Like something escaped from a mad scientist's
> laboratory, the monstrous rodents creep through the underbrush.
> Don't worry, these critters just want some salad.
> These rats -- as big as the family dog and weighing more than a
> Thanksgiving turkey -- are nutria, roaming eastern Hillsborough County as
> the result of commercialism gone to seed.
> "I saw this humongous rat on the road," said JoAnn Hoffmann, who
> encountered a nutria while driving to work. "My jaw just dropped."

> Exclusively vegetarian, they dine on aquatic plants.

As we New Yorkers (even gentiles) say; Oy vay!!!

> Nutria tail now worth $4

On the other hand....



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