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From: "Andy Robertson" 
Subject: (urth) Blushas
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 22:10:28 -0000

The fact is that, while I don't believe that Blue/Green  are Ushas/Lune, it
does ring true on a deep level.

I have been puzzling over this.

All I can suggest is that Blue/Green are a new "Urth" but are not "Ushas",
if that makes sense.

Wolfe has to write about certain themes of redemption and of man's relation
to God in a fallen universe.

These themes drive, not merely the plot, but the *Physics* of the Lupiverse:
and they also drve its (retroactively corrected) history

I suspect that when he started the BOTLS Wolfe did not know where he was
going, did not realise the Whorl was in orbit round a sun, and did not know
about Blue and Green.

At the end of BOTLS, Blue and Green existed, but most definitely were not
Ushas and Lune

At the end of BOTSS, I think Blue and Green have moved some way towards
becoming Ushas and Lune.

They are not there yet, no.  But if Wolfe ever pens a fourth book in
thebtrilogy, the doubters may get some suprises.

(and of course, if Blue and Green become Ushas/Lune at the end of this
fourth book, they will **always** have been Ushas and Lune)



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