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Subject: RE: (urth) finally - a mechanism: baptism
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 10:41:00 -0700
From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" 

> Yeah, but in the interview Wolfe said it was purely=20
> supernatural,=20

Oops. I fergot all about that...

> and my question was whether it as purely "scientific" or
> both in a parallel way. I agree that we really seem to
> "need" something more than just a spiritual link between
> Silk and Severian; I was just pointing out that if this
> is all there turns out to be, it is not wholly unlupine.

Okay, I'll buy that.

> > > In this narrative the Outsider is a player, though only=20
> > > openly an occasional one.
> >
> >With the exception of Silk's enlightenment, does the
> >Outsider make any other interventions that don't have alternate,=20
> >"naturalistic" explanations?
> Is there another explanation for Silk's resurrection?

Ummm, he was only mostly-dead? (If he was completely dead,
they'd have gone through his pockets for loose cardbits.)

The piece of Severian that (I think it's) Don says is going=20
to be in him resurrected him?

Gene Wolfe did it?

Oh well ... Yeah, I'm just futzing. Clearly the Outsider
acts as a major player a _lot_ in the Long/Short books,
not least in the Eucharist on Blue.



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