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Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 09:17:19 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: (urth) Severian's return to Briah from Yesod

Just to keep it "real" and text-bound: iirc, Severian's return to Briah
from Yesod was not by ship but by some technique which looks very much like
teleportation.  He and Gunnie were then sighted by the passing Ship and
drawn aboard via the equivalent of life lines.  The Ship then continued its
time-crunching trip toward Urth (i.e., it was in Typhon's past when it
picked up Severian) to arrive at the age of Typhon.

The Ship itself, in that example, did not travel backwards in time, even
though Severian and Gunnie had.



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