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From: "Roy C. Lackey" 
Subject: (urth) Poor Olivine
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 15:29:56 -0600

>>Crush wrote before:
>>If one femchem was as good as another to Hammerstone, why did he leave
>>Marble and have the child they were making broken up when she revealed
>>she was Magnesia?
>Roy responded:
>I probably shouldn't even ask, but **where, in or out of the whorl, did you
>get such an idea???**

Crush wrote:
>Call me crazy but Marble must have received some sort of information,
>between her warning that she would become an abandoned woman and her
>declaration that she **was** an abandoned woman. Since Marble was
>**abandoned** then Hammerstone has left her. In terms of logic, that is a
>"consistency by equivalence". The only information I can see that could
>led her to that conclusion is what Mucor said - channeling Hammerstone the
>same way she spied on Potto in the house of Blood. The only interpretation
>can derive from Mucor's words is that he is having another soldier "break"
>the child they said they would start on immediately (at their wedding).

To go from Marble's notion of abandonment to the destruction of a child
requires a leap in logic that leaves me in the dust. I can only conclude
that . . . hell, I don't know what to think. You must not have read the SS
series, for one thing. Let me state flat out that no such thing happened to
the child. Fact.

>Crush responds:
>I suppose its **possible** to play with the text to allow this, but it is
>hard to square that with Hammerstone's assertion that he lost track of her
>during his last 74 year nap. That pretty firmly suggests a change in the
>status of their relationship. If he didn't know where she was during the
>entire voyage and then he didn't know where she was after, he can hardly
>he lost track of her.

And if Moly had been at Sun Street from Day One, and nowhere else, then he
would have known **exactly** where to find her. He didn't know. That's why
he said: "Maybe I should've gone looking for Moly."



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