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Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 21:50:42 -0600
From: Charles Reed 
Subject: Re: (urth) The Blushas Challenge: Round Two

Jerry Friedman wrote:

>By the way, Dan'l challenged people who believed that Silkhorn's
>dreams of Severian crossed time as well as space to explain why he
>projected to that particular time.  To me, that's not even an
>obstacle.  From Wolfe's point of view, he seems to think that
>having Silk and Severian in the same universe was a gun on the wall
>that had to go off.  

No, I disagree.  The gun on the wall was nothing so cosmic as having 
Silk and Severian in the same universe.  It's much more simple:

Horn/Silk could, in certain situations, astral-project to places that 
either he or one of his companions had actually been to.  The "sleepers" 
from the Whorl -- even though their memories had been tampered with -- 
were from Urth.  If Horn/Silk were to get together with one of these 
sleepers, then . . .

That's the gun that has to go off.




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