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Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 10:17:08 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: (urth) probable distance from Urth to Bleen

Blattid wrote:
>While I appreciate Don's suggestion that Wolfe might have
>built a deliberate ambiguity into the text, it seems to me
>that the Blue = Ushas "reading" introduces all sorts of
>problems and complexities which simply disappear if we
>accept the more straightforward idea that the Bleen system
>lies a few dozen lightyears (or however far the Whorl might
>reasonably travel in 1000/300 years) away from the Urth

Oh, oh!  In 1997 I worked out the distance as 930 light years, but that was
without figuring a hundred years in parking orbit.  If we factor that in,
so the journey is only around 230 years, then the time dilation goes up to
4.11:1, suggesting the velocity is 0.97 c, and the distance is more like
850 light years.

LEG    RATE    TIME        TIME        DISTANCE
Boost  0.1 g   10 years     8 years      0.5 light years
Glide  0 g    880 years   214 years    853.6 light years
Boost  0.1 g   10 years     8 years      0.5 light years
TOTAL         900 years   230 years    854.6 light years

(The rates for the boost legs are simple speculation.  It doesn't seem like
the boost could be as high as 1 g, but it could be much lower than 0.1 g)



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