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From: "j e" 
Subject: (urth) Re: optical connections
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 09:31:12 -0400

I recently posed the idea that the Whorl technology was photonic rather than 
Actually I probably sounded very certain of it. All I have to go on is 
recent reading on the subject. Scientic American ran a set of articles on 
the subject in the Jan 2001 issue.

David replied:
>The cards sound electronic to me.

No question about that. What about data transmission in the Whorl...doesn't 
it sound optical? And possession by a god is literally through the eye.

>A waveguide is just a rectangular metal tube, and it is an electronic, not
>photonic, device.  (Although optical fibers also act as waveguides, they
>are not usually called that.)

I understood that waveguides (as the term is commonly used) worked for both 
optical and electronic systems. I'm not sure you're disputing the gist of my 
post, though.

>Too bad Horn did not have access to eBay

But then he'd be fighting his men for access; they'd be trying to hog 
bandwidth looking at porn sites.


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