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Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 16:14:21 -0700
Subject: Re: (urth) Long Sun puzzles
From: Jason Ingram 

Could it have been Hyacinth?  (regarding question number two)


On Thursday, October 24, 2002, at 11:57 AM, James Wynn wrote:

> Roy helpfully assists:
> Joe gave the correct answer for the first question...For the second
> question: I have the paperback, and re-read from when Silk
> first met Chenille to the quote above. You're right; she made no 
> mention of
> a male friend. It's a mistake. Wolfe may have become confused over who 
> said
> what to whom. A few pages before that quote (277), Silk was asking her 
> about
> her use of rust. He said that "Orchid and a friend who knows you have 
> both
> told me you use it, and neither has reason to lie." That "friend" of 
> Silk's
> is Auk, but Auk is also Chenille's friend. Auk is almost certainly the
> "somebody younger" she fears might hurt her. Hurt her again actually, 
> as he
> had confessed to having done so before to Silk the evening before.
> Crush appreciatively responds:
> I agree Joe is dead on for numero uno. I'm feeling kind of dense for 
> the
> time I spent grappling with it.
> As for "numero two-o" that's a very clever explanation. But it's not 
> clear
> to me what she would be hiding about Auk. He didn't give or sell her 
> rust.
> Actually, he beat her because she tried to get money out him to buy 
> rust.
> Anyway, Silk already knows about Auk's tenuous relationship with 
> Chenille.
> Her relationship with him seems to have been quite casual since Auk 
> doesn't
> really know her except as Kypris - when the goddess leaves, they have 
> almost
> no real "friendship" at all. What could she tell Silk that would get 
> her
> beaten?
> Could it be Musk? Well she's already told Silk that Musk provided her 
> with
> the Orpine's murder weapon. She reveals that she's a spy for Crane, but
> there's someone else she still afraid of.
> Silk's question suggests this friend is someone whose relationship with
> Chenille he is so far unaware of. It's possible this question refers 
> to a
> statement that actually existed at one time but was inadvertently cut. 
> But
> it is gratifying to know that at least I'm not missing something right 
> in
> front of my eyes (maybe).
> -- Crush
> -- 


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