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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 21:46:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mark Millman 
Subject: Re: (urth) robot desires -- Jonas tells a joke

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Alice K. Turner wrote:

> Mark, Edward !IV was 6'3" and "broad-
> breasted," a giant of his time. Richard
> III at probably about the norm, 5'7"
> or so, would have been dwarfed.
> -alga

Sorry if I wasn't clear, alga.  I meant primarily
to suggest that Richard may have looked, and per-
haps felt, like a child next to Edward.  As it
happens, I couldn't remember whether or not he
was below average height for his time; thanks for
providing the information.



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