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From: "Roy C. Lackey" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Pinocchio vs. the Tin Man
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 14:13:29 -0500

Jerry Friedman quoting mantis:

>> I'm not sure what is going on with Jonas, what he means by his intent to
>> become repaired (presumably it means he wants to become fully biological
>> so
>> as to be better suited for Jolenta).
>Funny, that wasn't my impression at all--I thought he wanted to become
>fully robotic--though he is in love or something with Jolenta.

I agree completely with Jerry and have said so before. Jonas loathed his bio
replacement parts. When he said he would come back for Jolenta when he had
been repaired, when he was sane and whole, he meant when proper repairs had
been made and he was quit of his bio parts. The proof is on the last page of
chapter XVI of CLAW:

    "We crashed. It had been so long, on Urth, that there was no port when
we returned, no dock. Afterward my hand was gone, and my face. My shipmates
repaired me as well as they could, but there were no parts anymore, only
biological material." With the steel hand I had always thought scarcely more
than a hook, he picked up the hand of muscle and bone as a man might lift a
bit of filth to cast it away."

All the more reason to wonder what he wanted with Jolenta.



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