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From: "Alice K. Turner" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Newt's main referent
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 16:35:50 -0400

Blattid bleated:

> Alga wrote:
> > No, I'm almost certain that this was before his novel was
> > published,

> According to http://web2.iadfw.net/tharvia/charts/worldcons.gif,
> there have been two Worldcons held in Atlanta. One of them was
> in 1986 and so fits pretty well with what you've described.
> Gingrich's SF novel, 1945, was published in 1995.

That feels exactly right. Lucius Shepard would not have been at a DragonCon,
nor would Wolfe, nor Sterling, nor is there a banquet. (I, on the other
hand, did go to at least one, maybe two--the Atlanta connection.) And the LS
books began to appear in 1993, which means that they were most likely
beginning to be drafted just about then or shortly after. Kudos again,
Nick--and I feel pleased to have put a jigsaw piece in place! (With help
from Blattid.)



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