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Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 23:58:37 -0500
From: Jeff Wilson 
Subject: re: (urth) Liev's Postpostulate

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>           "Andy Robertson" 

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> From: "Tony Ellis" 
> > Sorry to seem at loggerheads with you again, Adam, but a few quibbles
> spring
> > immediately to mind:
> >
> > If Victor thinks he is descended from French settlers gone native, why,
> when
> > he thinks no one is reading what he writes any more, does he cite Dollo's
> > Law as the reason for his bad penmanship?
> Note, Dollo's law is about degeneration: the way an evolutionary talent,
> once lost, is never regained.
> This tells us something Victor at any rate believes.
> The abos once had human manual dexterity and then lost it.   They lost it
> *genetically* - for some unknown reason - in the same way they gained their
> odd talents of mimicry.
> Possibly they were an ancient human colony or abductee group that went
> through a evolutionary bottleneck.   Or possibly Victor merely believes
> this.

But Dollo's law is crap; it's violated by marine mammals, and moths that
alight on trees in once-polluted areas.

Jeff Wilson
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