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From: "Robert Borski" 
Subject: (urth) Ardis Dahl: the Acid Truth
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 10:58:50 -0500

On Wed, 8 May 2002 09:55:58 -0800 (PDT) David DiGiacomo wrote:

Re: Ardis Dahl: American Monster :

("I would therefore like to suggest something else to you. Is it possible
that what Nadan actually notices by the ignited arrack is the burn caused by
his own laser pistol and that Ardis Dahl is the werebeast he attempts, but
fails, to kill on the night of the first egg?")

"No, it's not possible, because..."

"If he had seen the laser burn, it would have been obvious beyond any
plausible dissociation that he had *not* killed the thing earlier in the

What, you expect lucidity at the height of a psychedelic experience?

Obviously, you've never dropped, because if you had, you would know that
under such conditions, it is not only possible to believe six impossible
things before breakfast, but that the werewolf you have killed is even now
undulating beneath you, attempting to cover the lethal burn mark between her
lupine breasts. (Please do not ask me to reprise my psychedelic sorties of
the 60's and '70s or I will have to tell you how I know with absolute
certainty that Jerry Garcia is/was God.)

Also: forgot to mention this earlier, but the person who puts Nadan's diary
in a new location may be Terry from the theater company. He's mysteriously
absent on the night the relocation happens and we know that Ardis has been
checking out the patrons of each night's performance. Nadan also senses that
Ardis already knows he is missing when she's first told. This may be why
Nadan is co-opted into the play ("The part of Simon Blake will be taken by
Ned Jefferson")--to ensure that he will not return to his room while Terry
is attempting to get the straight skinny on him.

Robert Borski


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