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Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 20:06:15 -0400
From: Christopher Culver 
Subject: (urth) Operation Ares: any copies still around? and PEACE cover art

Does anyone know where to track down a copy of OPERATION ARES? It is
supposedly an awful book, partly because of Wolfe's not yet mature style
and bad editing, but I'd like a copy to make my Wolfe collection a bit
more complete. Hey, I actually liked "Copperhead", so maybe I'll be
thrilled at anything that has Wolfe's name on it.

Another question of early Wolfe: why did the cover "art" for the
original edition of PEACE suck? In his biographical sketch of Wolfe
before "The Death of Doctor Island" in MODERN CLASSIC SHORT NOVELS OF
SCIENCE FICTION, the editor (whose name I forget, I'm across the
Atlantic from my library at the moment) blames the plain cover art for
the poor sales of PEACE. I could see how that could happen, the cover
art looks like a generic bookcover a grade-school kid would put over a
textbook. Why would a publisher design a book so it wouldn't sell?

The ORB reissue of PEACE has an interesting error. The name of the cover
artist on the back of the book is different than the name on the
copyright page.

Christopher Culver

Christopher R. Culver 
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