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Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 09:42:49 -0500
Subject: Re: (urth) Why I don't like TBOTSS
From: Adam Stephanides 

on 5/23/02 7:37 PM, Timothy Reilly at treilly@ozemail.com.au wrote:

> Adam, there's no such consensus.  While I liked OBW I had grave doubts after
> IGJ, and these were confirmed by RTTW.  I and many others expressed in
> detail why we did not think TBSS was successful long ago.  I don't take part
> in the ongoing debates about details of TBSS now because I don't like it
> enough to be bothered, not because I have changed my mind.

I did remember that there were people who disliked TBOTSS.  It was (and is)
my impression that they are in the minority, at least among those who have
spoken up on this list.  And among professional reviewers, I don't recall
reading a negative review.  (It was Clute's enthusiastic mention of RTTW in
his year-end wrap-up in LOCUS that provoked me to post.)



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