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Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 00:15:06 -0500
From: Jeff Wilson 
Subject: Re: (urth) Liev's Postpostulate

>      From: 
>           "Roy C. Lackey" 

> Wolfe doesn't make many things any clearer than that. Victor is well aware
> that it is his inability to control his thumb as a human does that is the
> cause of his poor penmanship. It is also why Dollo's Law was cited
> immediately after relating his writing woes. Dollo's Law does not address
> recalcitrance or bad habits; it addresses lost function and the inability to
> regain it. The Annese, though otherwise quite human, somehow lost the normal
> human usage of their thumbs. It's that simple.

I thought we just worked out that Dollo's Law is =not= about function;
dolphins swim just as good as fish if not better.

Jeff Wilson
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