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From: "Filipe Silva" 
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 01:03:08 +0100
Subject: Re: (urth) Prehistoric Starcrossers


In answer to:
"how did the prehistoric societies travel the stars without
leaving any hint of their ability to do so in either the story or the
archaeological record?"

It is possible to travel through ether leaving your physical form in the s=
place. Such phenomenon is called travel in the Jinas form (Hindostanic roo=
Any esoterist will acknowledge this. Mayan people did it all the time. Wel=
evidences - you'll acknowledge that our civilization is crossing a Iron pe=
where animal emotions rule our ways. Advanced men do not flatter 
themselves. Old civs did left evidence of their ways (in stone for instanc=
e) but 
we are in such a primary degenerate state comparing to them that we cannot=
see the obvious anymore - even with crude physical eyes. Periodic 
cataclysms like the one that struck Atlantis and before that Lemuria are 
meant to clean up "mankind" (in Lemuria men weren't exactly like we are 
nowadays). Our civilization time is ending - I wouldn't like to get much i=
eschatology - but lets go peacefully knowing that from our ashes others wi=
arise - stronger and bond to have higher virtues. 
 |Jos=E9 Filipe Silva|
 | lafey@netcabo.pt|


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