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Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 23:56:18 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) for jerry - pale fire

Hey Jerry - if you like Nabokov's Pale Fire, check out Boyd's "Pale Fire - The 
Magic of Artistic Discovery" - he says that both Shade and Kinbote are equally 
inspired by the same source: the Vanessa butterfly that is actually Shade's 
daughter, who sympathizes with Kinbote because of their mutual loneliness and 
exclusion from society - it is cool because I like the idea of the two 
obviously incompatible narratives being used by a supernatural being in order 
to produce a homage to her life - in other words, she directly inspires the 
fantasies of Kinbote, which then actually did influence Shade in the 
composition of the poem which was really about his daughter.  Pretty weird.  I 
like it because it reminds me of my Horn in Babbie idea. 
In any case, whether you buy the primary thesis or not, the book really, 
really has a lot of good explanatory information that really makes sense of 
the book.  Sorry if this doesn't make sense.  I got a bad concussion yesterday 
- everything is bright and blurry (I admit, I've been skimming the list for 
the past two days, but I will go back and read everything thoroughly when I 
feel smart again.)
Marc Aramini


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