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From: "Robert Borski" 
Subject: (urth) uncut dogs
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 13:49:48 -0500

hartshorn having rather unprudishly pondered:

"When Marsh remarks that the boy is "uncut" and *therefore* when he was with
the girl, would "bind", or something like that (sorry I can't lay my hand on
my copy of 5HC rigth now) , what the hell is he talking about?"

Actually, I've written an entire essay on this and it can be found at:


The same essay also contains several reasons why Victor might have killed
his abo girlfriend. (Check it out, Tony.)

What I fail to point out and would like to do now is this:

Victor, it's noted by Dr. Marsch, is uncircumcised. If we assume that
Marsch, however, has been circumcised, this means that Victor--after he's
killed Marsch--must circumcise himself if he wishes to pass as Dr. Marsch.
And that is the purpose of the brass instrument he buys, the "thing of
clamps and toothed jaws and cruel little hooks."

It's what an Victorian-era mohel would use to perform the necessary surgery.

Robert Borski


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