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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 15:27:23 -0500
Subject: Re: (urth) Time, Briah, 5HC, and other things
From: Adam Stephanides 

on 4/19/02 2:55 PM, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes at ddanehy@siebel.com wrote:

> Rostrum asks:
>> Which raises the question again, are there no more rainbows on
>> Urth?

Is it possible that, since the sun is dim enough that the sky is black
during the day, there are naturally no rainbows on Urth?

> Does anyone else beside me remember a comment in an early interview
> or something in which Wolfe suggested that these books may be taking
> place, not in our far future, but in our distant past?

"It occurred to me when I began _The Book of the New Sun_ that Urth has
already wonders enough--if only it has inherited the wonders of Earth.  Or
if (as may be) Earth's wonders have descended to it from Urth." (CASTLE OF
DAYS (pb), p. 249)



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